The Linee Black Line Kitchen from Team 7

July 02, 2018


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Brownstone Renovations in Boston's Historic North End Neighborhood

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As Boston continues to grow as a city, a diverse group of buyers, similarly, continue to migrate towards Boston’s city center. And, while the vast...

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Showroom Spotlight: Modern kitchens by Doca

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It is a beautiful thing when styles are mixed within a kitchen. Nothing illustrates this point better than the modern kitchens by Doca. With a huge...

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Modern white kitchens for the new year

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Open and refreshing. Clean and airy. Light and bright. All of these adjectives can describe the feelings you get from an all white kitchen. White is...

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Brand Spotlight: DOCA Kitchens

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Looking for a unique and contemporary kitchen design that you won't see everywhere else? This is just one of the reasons we love DOCA Kitchens, an...

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5 Elements of Modern Kitchen Design

boston modern kitchen designers, Leicht Boston, leicht kitchen design, modern kitchens boston, Uncategorized

Planning a kitchen renovation? The first step in figuring out the look you're after. Generally speaking, kitchen design can be broken down into three...

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