How to determine counterspace in a modern kitchen

April 26, 2017

How do you know when you have enough counterspace in your new kitchen design. Should you include a large island? Do you have room for a small...

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Asymmetrical kitchens from our award winning manufacturers

Asymmetrical kitchens, divine design center, Modern kitchen, modern kitchen boston

Often the image of a perfect kitchen includes one that is perfectly symmetrical. The kitchen sink is centered along one wall. There is a window above...

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A unique fireplace in a kitchen island

electric fireplace, modern design, modern flames, modern kitchen boston, electric fireplace boston

Is a fireplace in your kitchen an appealing feature that you'd like to explore. Whether you are renovation or have new construction the addition of a...

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How to handle trash and recycling in a modern kitchen

kitchen trash and recycling solutions, Modern kitchen, modern kitchen boston, trash and recycling in a modern kitchen

There are lots of important considerations to keep in mind when planning out your kitchen. Will you utilize a work triangle or kitchen zones? Tile...

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before and after: transitional white kitchen with contrast

divine design center, Modern kitchen, modern kitchen boston, transitional white kitchen, Uncategorized

This transitional style kitchen that we've recently completed is a great example of a stunning before and after transformation. The original kitchen...

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So you have a narrow kitchen...

kitchen design, Modern kitchen, modern kitchen boston, narrow kitchen

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Certain shapes and sizes are more of a challenge to renovate than others. If you have a large footprint in the...

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How to fit an island with seating into any space

island with seating, kitchen design, kitchen island, modern kitchen boston

Are you intent on having an island with seating in your kitchen? You envision a large island with room for some counter stools and storage of course....

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Village kitchen from Arrital

arrital boston, Modern kitchen, modern kitchen boston, Village kitchen from Arrital

The Village kitchen from Arrital is the perfect example of blending two styles. This kitchen effortlessly portrays a more traditional kitchen which...

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Kitchen islands for every task

Modern kitchen, modern kitchen boston, modern kitchen islands

Typically a kitchen island has one main task. It might be the location of your sink and therefore your dishwasher as well. With room around the sink...

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10 tile backsplashes for your kitchen

kitchen design, modern kitchen backsplash, modern kitchen boston, modern kitchen design, 10 tile backsplashes

There are a wide range of options when it comes to your kitchen backsplash. You can paint it to match the surrounding room. You can use a slab of...

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