3 Modern dining room chairs by Rolf Benz perfect for any style of home

December 01, 2017

There is nothing more exciting than delivery day here at the showroom. And in that, our most recent additions to the showroom came via Rolf Benz and...

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Meet your new modern dining room table by Team 7

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Two innovators, one MisuraEmme dining room table

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Meet a different Gaudì

I think most of you will agree that when you think of architecture, at the forefront of icons from the industry's past comes one...

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5 Pianca coffee tables to match 5 different design trends

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Coffee tables come and go. But, Pianca coffee tables do not. Why? Well. There are a lot of reasons why. But, more specifically, there is a fluidity in...

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6 Architectural dining room tables for the home

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Dining room tables don't have to be as blase as they sound. Or rather, as they appear. Recent innovations in European design bring architectural dining...

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Extendable dining room tables and the modern dance partner

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[video width="854" height="480" mp4="https://divinedesigncenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Raquel-X-Naos-Quasar.mp4"][/video]

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Comfortable dining room chairs with long-lasting impressions

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Comfortable dining room chairs and the wold's smallest violin.

There is nothing worse in life than being stuck in an uncomfortable chair. There is...

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Modern dining room table with a SOLID charm

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Modern Dining Room Table Dreams

A modern dining room table, like food, is life. When the Boston dweller shops for their future dining room table he or...

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Showroom Spotlight: Vela Sedia chair by Reflex

modern dining chairs Boston, modern dining room, reflex boston, Vela Sedia chair by Reflex

Our showroom is overflowing with beautiful modern furniture, modern or contemporary kitchens and lots of ideas! Images you see here on our blog do not...
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Showroom Spotlight: Quasar dining table by Naos

modern dining room, modern dining table, Naos boston, Quasar dining table by Naos, contemporary dining table boston

Today is the second installment of our new series called Showroom Spotlight. We are sharing various pieces and designs throughout our showroom and...

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