One modern sofa you just cant live without

December 01, 2017

Modern Furniture for the soul

Roses are red, violets are blue...Oh TONDO, we love you! The TONDO sofa byRolf Benzepitomizes this German furniture...

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5 ways to open up your small interior spaces

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Boston is renowned for its "ancient" architecture. However, with exterior modes that scream of ye olde' days come with it dated interiors. While we...

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3 modern sideboards that steal the show

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Modern sideboards and their discontent

Poor modern sideboards. Isn't it just a little unfair that decor such as the sofa, or the dining room table get...

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6 Minimalist furniture pieces with timeless appeal

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Although minimalist furniture may appear to be just a trend, its foundations in clean, architectural lines tell us otherwise. In lieu of this...

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Extendable dining room tables and the modern dance partner

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[video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

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Modern lighting for the contemporary soul

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Modern Lighting Revealed: The Iride wall light by Arketipo Firenze
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Modern doors and room-dividing systems

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Meanderings of modern doors

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. But, what they should really say is that modern doors are windows into a...

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Architectural recessed lighting and some

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Architectural recessed lighting, what is it?

when most people think of recessed lighting they think of anything but the recent innovations in the...

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Comfortable dining room chairs with long-lasting impressions

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Comfortable dining room chairs and the wold's smallest violin.

There is nothing worse in life than being stuck in an uncomfortable chair. There is...

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Rugs that culminate in epochal glamour

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[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""...

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