October 17, 2018

In 2018, modern design in the home is not just limited to the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. From vanities to the wall tile to showers and baths,...

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8 Bathroom wallpaper patterns that will make you re-think your tile backsplash

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While in a previous article, we mention and give praise to our friend "tile", it's not always the most practical solution for those looking to renovate...

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3 Bathroom tile trends that are inspiring our own projects

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Let's face it. Tiles are pretty much the best. There is something magical in the way that grout meets the outline of a piece of tile, and then repeats....

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Buying Guide: Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

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Bathrooms are functional spaces with little in the way of furniture or decor, which means the bathroom vanity you choose will be one of the biggest...

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A Guide to Modern Bathroom Design

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If your style is clean and contemporary, the good news is that there are limitless options for bringing that style into your bathroom design. The...

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The Most Eco-Friendly Bathroom Materials

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Trying to design an eco-friendly bathroom? From tile, to vanities, to countertops and lighting, there are plenty of options for making your space...

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Trendwatch: Concrete Bathroom Design

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There are dozens of practical, beautiful materials to choose from when designing a bathroom: marble, porcelain tile, reclaimed wood, polished metal ......

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