London Art - Not Your Grandma's Wallpaper

October 19, 2018

Wallpaper isn’t something that sounds “sexy” or makes you think contemporary interiors or modern interior design. To be completely honest, the word “wallpaper” invokes memories grandma’s house when you used to visit during the holidays as a child. More traditional designs – like florals or trellis patterns – are what most people immediately think of when it comes to wallpaper.


LES (1)


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That’s where LondonArt comes in. Modern, contemporary designs for every room. We’ve written about London Art once or twice in this blog. We’ve only listed a few designs that have caught our eye for certain situations. Each design is perfect for an accent wall in a room to bring in a little flair, or as an alternative for a tile backsplash in your new bathroom project.


NA (3)


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The Italian wallpaper designers at LondonArt “Combine design, practicality and materials” to provide contemporary, yet practically styled wall coverings. Their idea is that the art of a room is not necessarily limited to what you hang on the walls, but can also be the wall covering.

« Every space can become furniture thanks to a product that transforms spaces by dressing up surfaces. »

REN (1)


REN (2)     REN (3)

The idea is that we should be able to dress up our spaces by not needing to add an additional piece of furniture, not needing to hang a painting. We can look to wallcoverings – like what LondonArt has to offer – to give our spaces an added element of design. This is the beauty of the “accent wall”. This is something that would work great in a bathroom, replacing the cost to tile an entire wall to create a beautiful backsplash. The amount that could be saved here can shift your budget towards finishings or complements. We’ve been loving their designs because they’re oh so stylish.

LondonArt Catalog

If you’re interested in LondonArt’s catalog of contemporary wallpapers, or interested in any other project from Divine Design Center, feel free to visit Divine Design Center online, call us at (617) 443-0700, or visit us at our Boston Waterfront Showroom at 2 Battery Wharf.

~ Colin Riddle