Celebrating one year in our new space, a Divine Design memory

May 22, 2018

One year as Divine Design Center...


Wow! 2017-2018 has been an incredible year. And, this week marks one year since our grand opening. For those of you who made it out to Divine Design Center's big blowout/introduction to Boston you might remember the awesome photo booth, the live kitchens a rockin', jazz stylings from a live band, and a coming together of the designers and reps from all of our European partners. And, for those who a slightly fuzzy memory, or who were not here for the awesome event...here's a video + pictoral history of one year ago today! 

Thanks so much for making this year such a memorable one <3


Devine_Design-170517-0404 Devine_Design-170517-9159

Devine_Design-170517-0552 - Copy Devine_Design-170517-9295

Devine_Design-170517-2-14 Devine_Design-170517-0294

Devine_Design-170517-9234 Devine_Design-170517-9115

Devine_Design-170517-2-9 - Copy

Devine_Design-20170517-1380 Devine_Design-20170517-1155


Devine_Design-20170517-411 Devine_Design-20170517-615

Devine_Design-20170517-118 Devine_Design-170517-0584 - Copy

Devine_Design-20170517-1144 Devine_Design-20170517-222

Devine_Design-20170517-501 Devine_Design-20170517-1584


~ The Divine Design Center Team (Family)