How's your modern bedroom coming along?

April 28, 2017

Are you looking for inspiration for your new modern bedroom design? Have your found a bed but nothing else? Have your selected a rug but have no idea...

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How to determine counterspace in a modern kitchen

counterspace in a modern kitchen, Modern kitchen, modern kitchen boston, modern kitchen counterspace boston

How do you know when you have enough counterspace in your new kitchen design. Should you include a large island? Do you have room for a small...

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Showroom Spotlight: Modern kitchens by Doca

doca boston, doca kitchens, Modern kitchen, modern kitchens boston, modern kitchens by Doca

It is a beautiful thing when styles are mixed within a kitchen. Nothing illustrates this point better than the modern kitchens by Doca. With a huge...

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Modern furniture in any style home

modern furniture, Modern furniture in any style home

If you love the modern look but don't have a strictly modern home then there are simple ways to incorporate modern furniture in any style home....

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Shop Modern Furniture At Divine Design Center

modern furniture, modern furniture boston

Did you know that Divine Design Center sells modern furniture in the heart of Boston? While our old location in the Design Center focused more on...

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Starting your renovation on Pinterest

divine design center, Pinterest tips

Pinterest is full of ideas. You can find everything from recipes to haircuts. Sometimes a quick search on Pinterest can be even better than a Google...

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Showroom Spotlight: Sidekick by Team 7

modern bedroom boston, modern furniture, Sidekick by Team 7, team 7 boston

Furniture that can serve dual purposes can make any homeowner very happy. Take for example the Sidekick by Team 7. The innovative shape of...

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Smart Solutions: washer and dryer within cabinetry

Uncategorized, washer and dryer within cabinetry

This beautiful kitchen is yours to ogle over at our new showroom. With a mix of materials, clean modern design and clever seating options it is full of...

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A collection of modern bathroom vanities

altamarea boston, altamarea vanities, modern bathroom, Modern Bathroom Vanities

Our new showroom has a full array of examples of kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and of course bathrooms. We are proud to represent...

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A Guide to Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

boston kitchen design, cabinets, high end kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, luxury kitchen cabinets, luxury kitchen design

Luxury kitchen cabinets are no small--or simple--purchase. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the details you decide on, high-end cabinetry can...

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Showroom Spotlight: Windsor sofa by Arketipo

arketipo boston, modern living room, modern sofa, Windsor sofa by Arketipo

Today's Showroom Spotlight is one piece of furniture in our showroom that really stands out. The Windsor sofa by Arketipo takes center stage not matter...

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Most Popular Modern Kitchens on Houzz

modern furniture, modern furniture boston, Modern kitchen, modern kitchen design, modern kitchens, modern kitchens on houzz, Uncategorized

Houzz is one of the best places on the Internet to find design inspiration for your home, especially when it comes to kitchen design; since...

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Kitchen islands: Miles of storage

kitchen island storage, Modern kitchen, modern kitchen island

All of the kitchens in our showroom feature large kitchen islands. Whether these islands are from LEICHT, Doca, Arrital or Team 7 they all include long...

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Hidden outlets and switch plates ideas

Hidden outlets and switch plates ideas, Uncategorized

Some items are just better left hidden when it comes to your kitchen. Unless your kitchen has open shelving all your dishes typically stay in cabinets...

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Showroom Spotlight: Vela Sedia chair by Reflex

modern dining chairs Boston, modern dining room, reflex boston, Vela Sedia chair by Reflex

Our showroom is overflowing with beautiful modern furniture, modern or contemporary kitchens and lots of ideas! Images you see here on our blog do not...
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Kitchen backsplash: large scale artwork backsplash

Keitaro Yoshioka, kitchen backsplash, large scale artwork backsplash, modern backsplash, Modern kitchen

Kitchen backsplashes can really add personality to your space. Whether you use authentic tile, a sumptuous slab of marble or a gleaming sheet of...

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