8 new Arketipo pieces designed just for you - WHAT'S IN THE NEWBOOK 2017

November 07, 2017

As we begin filling our Battery Wharf showroom with the latest and greatest from European furniture makers and kitchen designers, we also want to loop in our readers with what exactly is new in it for them. We spoke yesterday (November 6th, 2017) of showroom orders from Team 7. But, today, we change gears to our Italian counterparts from Florence.Arketipo Firenze recently dropped their 2017 lookbook filled with an array of new pieces, colors, materials and faces. And, well, we would like to share those with you. 

Here are the 8 new pieces from Arketipo's Newbook 2017: 

1. The Nash Sofa


E6322F15-0FA5-475F-815C-E93F5719ACC9.jpg D5883EFC-A43A-47BA-83C2-53F94C7724B4.jpg

2. The Mayfair Sofa


divano_mayfair_HR_95.jpg divano_mayfair_HR_94.jpg

3. The Crazy Diamond Sofa



4. The Barracuda Chair


5. The Manta Chair


8DC4A3D0-DE53-4738-93BD-E5D01563B4A8.jpg 030E05F9-BBA0-4484-B60A-2827896ECD7E (1).jpg

6. The Doglas Side + End table and Coffee Table


0B52D02D-A036-4A8C-A56B-972D610B59B2.jpg 95805C2B-3FBA-4FD3-A303-58D7BD34844C.jpg

7. The Bubble Bobble Lamp


lampada_bubble-bobble_HR_95.jpg lampada_bubble-bobble_HR_97.jpg

8. The Dorian Mirror

34AF8BDF-3633-4D24-84DE-CE88CD0DC98B.jpg 0763D403-1794-4BDB-81E9-0A427C0E5337.jpg

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