7 Modern side tables that are on our radar, and should be on yours too

February 12, 2018

While we can all appreciate "the art of the coffee table", it's often that  the little sister to, i.e. the side table is often overlooked. But, a side table's functionality often garners more influence in the moment of use than does the formerly mentioned. So why not make something special of it? Our European partners may feel the same. For, 2018 characterizes the side tables "stepping out" across designs houses in Europe. This underdog, of sorts, has been deconstructed, and re-interpreted in tasteful ways that illustrate a new reign. Maybe its time the coffee table take second stage? 


1. The Nelson by Arketipo Firenze

tavolino_nelson_HR_99.jpg  tavolino_nelson_HR_95.jpg 



2. The RB 978 by Rolf Benz

RolfBenz_978_004_large.jpg     RolfBenz_978_002_large.jpg 



3. The Lith by Arketipo Firenze

divine-design-center-boston-arketipo-tavolino_lith_HR_97.jpgtavolino_lith_HR_99.jpg tavolino_lith_HR_98.jpg



4. The Canna by Leolux 

Canna  0002.jpg



5. The Natural Wood Block by Team 7

largeprvw_0_5901.jpg  largeprvw_0_915.jpglargeprvw_0_125.jpg



6. The SideKick by Team 7

largeprvw_0_1081.jpg       largeprvw_0_460.jpg largeprvw_0_7624.jpg



7. The Griffo by Leolux

Leolux_Griffo  0001.jpg

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~ Madison Silvers