6 2018 Kitchen Appliance Trends for Luxury Developments

January 10, 2018

While many choose to ring in the New Year with champagne and grand resolutions geared towards self-improvement, we find solace in something a bit more practical (at least in the development world). As technology continues to progress faster than we can say the words “luxury condominiums”, we also recognize that a gambit of extraneous add-ons and doo-dads cloud the air of necessity when considering appliances. So, in 2018, we resolved to filter through the barrage of innovations hitting the market: an appliance debunking of sorts. And, in this, we found six appliance trends that are not just here to stay, but essential to the improvement of your development’s individual unit’s value down the line:

1. Induction Cooking –

Okay, so we get it. People are traumatized by the electric cooktops of yesterday’s past. However, the science behind induction cooking supersedes anything that came before it. And by anything, we mean, induction cooking even triumphs over your good ol’ gas range (gasp!). We promise. So, now we’re sure you’re wondering…HOW IS THIS SO? Brace yourself, for nothing will ever again be the same after the reveal.

Induction surfaces are activated through electromagnetic fields found below the glass surface of the flush cooktop. Consequently, the magnets sense the bottom of a cooking vessel and therefore eddy currents produce Joule heating via the vessel and directly to what the vessel’s contents might contain. Thus, we find an unmatched efficiency in an induction cooktop. Liquid boils and food cooks quicker and more controlled than ever before.


2. Smaller Ventilation Hoods –

If we refer back to the science of induction, we find that the cooktop’s efficiency not only offers optimal cooking methods, but, also in this effect, reduces the amount of heat, steam and smell compared to its gas and electric counterparts. Thus, ventilation hoods no longer need extraordinary CFM to effectively clean the air. Similarly, smaller range hoods find root in this subsequent (minimal) off put.


3. Combination Steam Ovens –

Microwaves are kind of the worst. They make your food soggy and overcook your leftovers. And, they might kill you one day. Okay, okay: call us melodramatic; but, really, no one likes to admit to using a microwave, and they certainly don’t love having it on display in their otherwise gleaming new kitchen.

Enter the combination steam oven. A combi-steam oven can and easily replaces the likes of a microwave. We now know that, for the fully-automatic cleaning programs + fresh steam systems re-heats and re-freshens food to its original glory. Furthermore, combination cooking allows one to cook food faster than even convection, but also enunciates the desired notion of crispy or browned on the outside, while remaining warm and moist in the center. Yum. The marriage of steam cooking with oven/convection functions has never been so sweet. You can even sous-vide!


4. Fully-Integrated Refrigerators –

Modular, fully-integrated refrigeration systems are on the rise. And, definitely here to say. Refrigerator “columns” offer minimal bulk to any style of kitchen, but furthermore provide maximal + optimal storage space for one’s fridge and freeze needs.

wine.jpg fridgecolumn.jpg

5. Wall Ovens –

Wall ovens are integral in a development’s unit’s kitchen design; primarily, for their ability to save huge amounts of space during planning. Luxury condominium buildings, like most buildings in a city, must find ways to create functional space within limited square footage. Furthermore, the kitchen often acts as a micro example to this adage. The primary way to add storage in the kitchen (the one thing they always need more of), while still saving space comes, thankfully, via the wall oven.

walloven3.jpg walloven1.jpg

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6. Handle-less Designed Dishwashers –

Handle-less kitchen design is on the rise. Similarly, this “trend” becomes increasingly more important of an amenity within a multi-unit development’s planning. Consequently, appliance manufacturers find ways to stay relevant within the kitchen industry’s constant improvement. Options such as knock-knock and push systems curate seamless, functional design within a unit’s kitchen block.


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~Madison Silvers