4 Arketipo armchairs for 4 different lifestyles

October 30, 2017

We love Arketipo Firenze...

...And this is why: the Italian furniture makers produce quality, handmade (down to the stitching) upholstered pieces. But, to boot, Arketipo engenders the full gambit of decor needs and desires. So, from Arketipo armchairs to Arketipo mirrors, this company has you covered. Speaking of armchairs though, this Italian manufacturer line engenders a full body of tastes suitable to every kind of lifestyle. Find four different Arketipo Armchairs for four different types of people. 

1. Small Apartment, Big Dreams: 

The Jupiter Chair

Hot Child in The City...

While the Jupiter armchair is large in stature, it is the ideal piece for the small studio --- as it makes up the difference in chair to sofa comfort. The Jupiter is comfy, and futuristic. And, its just perfect for loft living, and the young professional. 

"An elegant and ergonomic balance. Dynamic and stable lightness. The timeless appearance is underlined by the architectural configuration and emphasized by the individual use of materials. The Jupiter armchair has a folded metal arch structure that holds and supports the glass fibre shell. Counterpointed and shaped feather blocks guarantee a high level of comfort."




2. Her Bacherolette Flat: 

The Sin Seaty Chair


Think  Sophia Amoruso and her acclaimed memoir Girl Boss. As 2017 comes to its end, we're finding female empowerment at an absolute ascend. No longer are the days true to just the man's chair. We find the Sin Seaty from Arketipo that perfect compliment of female prowess combined with a somewhat masculine sihglouette. Claim your own chair ladies, and make it the Sin Seaty. 

"Sensual and aggressive with a dark soul, as do the comics from which it derives its name. Sin Seaty will seduce you with a slim and harmonious female silhouette: its high and enveloping back will give superb comfort. The quilted back can be combined with any fabric or leather in the wide range of the Arketipo collection. A matching pouf can be added to increase the comfort. An accessory of great charm, ideal for any environment, from classic to modern."

3. The Family Man:

The Monterrey Chair

The Monterrey chair from Arketipo Firenze is both form and function. While it preys on a daring sihlouette, it's general nature is alluring to that of friends and family. Find sophistication in between the finger painting through this neo-modern armchair. 

"A classic armchair revised by a fresh design and essential lines. The wide and welcoming back is meant to grant the utmost comfort and its stitching enriches the simple and sinuous style of the armchair. The armchair is also available with a swivel base in aluminium colour varnished metal."



4. His Bachelor Pad:

The Barracuda Chair

Sleek and sophisticated, the Barracuda is a refreshing take on the armchair. Its elevated design rethinks former modes of "men's interiors" and showcases what could be for the ideal bachelor pad. 

 "Barracuda is a modern armchair with an epic tone, but at the same time it has a slim shape. The back is in neoprene, by definition a strong material. Comfortable, elastic and highly resilliant, it is used for diving suits. The seat that, at first sight, looks like it is suspended in the air makes the armchair visually very light."



For more information on Arketipo Firenze, armchairs or general interior inquiries visit Divine Design Center; 2 Battery Wharf, Boston, MA 0109 : (617) 443-0700 

~Madison Silvers