Leicht kitchens, a low down

July 11, 2017

Leicht kitchens, a design element low down

Live Leicht kitchen, concrete, glass, lacquer, and wood veneer elements; Divine Design Center showroom, 2 Battery Wharf, Boston MA

Ever thought of turning to German design for your kitchen remodel? No? Maybe? Yes? Well, let's just cast all past considerations aside. For lovers of the traditional, transitional, and ultra-contemporary all find solace in Leicht kitchens. Latterly, these design relics offer quality and originality to all tastes and styles. Subsequently, refined, German engineering promises that your kitchen, nay the world will never again be the same.

Leicht traditional kitchen

In lieu of this, Leicht celebrates over 80 years in the industry. Thus, the company's evident experience culminates in innovation and acute awareness for functionality and usability. Moreover and most importantly, a Leicht kitchen is simply breathtaking in its construction. But, let's not dwell too much on the obvious here.

Trademark design elements

Handleless drawer technology; Leicht kitchens

Rear-niche shelving; Leicht Kitchen

Angled-corner cabinetry; Leicht kitchens

Niche shelving...powder-coated grip rail profiles

As mentioned, Leicht designs traditional cabinetry and handles. However, these German kitchen designers so often find an association in minimalist aesthetics. For example, powder-coated grip rail profiles are a fundamental aspect to Leicht's dedication to the ladder. Subtle hardware affixed to a Leicht cabinet effects clean lines. The seamless appearance of these pulls equates in a harmonious design with timeless elegance in mind.

In line with low-profile hardware, Leicht approaches most design challenges with a minimalist eye. Moreover, an adherence to clean, harmonious lines is synonymous with contemporary design. However, traditional kitchens boast a neo-revival in their own right. Thanks to Leicht Kitchens and the golden rule — simplify, simplify.

So, profound concepts founded in modern kitchen design surface in Leicht's reveal. Rear-niche shelving, angled corner units, natural veneers, suspended units, thin worktops, large capacity pullouts, and front extensions are just an abbreviation of concepts that might fall into any given Leicht kitchen.

Wood-veneered, paneled sliding doors; lacquered drawers affixed with powder-coated grip rails, concrete cabinetry with "thin" worktop; Leicht Kitchens

The handle-less cabinet conception

Naturally, Leicht's dedication to clean, congruous kitchen design would lead to the eradication of any handle. Enter here, the handleless cabinet in its conception. Consequently, the handleless technology from Leicht emerges as modern design's mecca. A simple knock, knock, knock to the dishwasher's front panel opens up said door. Similarly, a gentle touch of one finger unfurls high-kitchen shelving. And, a slight push from the knee promises no more back strain. For, those inconvenient drawers above the toe-kick reveal themselves to you.

[video width="854" height="480" mp4="https://divinedesigncenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Handle-less-and-the-heroine-in-a-Leicht-Kitchen.mp4"][/video]