Divine cooking and Gaggenau present Wednesdays with Chef Kurt

June 08, 2017

Divine Cooking

Here, here Chef Kurt von Kahle makes his galivant return on this week's episode of Divine Cooking. With that said, Kurt cooks up for the designers of Boston's Divine Design Center a smattering of Mexican street food. Slow cooked pork, lightly fried fish and grilled chicken make up these delightful taco's proteins. Alas, Kurt manages to deliver mouth-watering dishes. Furthermore, Gaggenau appliances and the Cook-n-Dine Teppanyaki Grill aid this chef supreme in his gastronomic endeavors. Cheers. Find a full recap in the video below.


Speaking purely recipe, Ay-Yi-Yi!

Chef Kurt von Kahle is Cooking with a Gaggenau Full Surface Induction Cook Top. On the menu: Hake Tacos, kimchi, mango salsa & black bean aioli. Hake, according to the chef, "is a sweet white fish that works perfectly for tacos." Kurt uses a gluten free batter to fry the fish for a crispy and sweet taste enhanced by spicy aioli and kimchi.

When frying on an electric stove, maintaining the oil temperature can be challenging. An electric cooktop can surge the heat to the pan making it difficult to keep the oil at a consistent temperature. A gas cooktop can provide a better control of the heat to pan vs an electric VK top. But, as many realize, a gas cooktop, "can be a pain to clean."

The Full Surface Induction top can accommodate several pan sizes, a consistent heat AND be a breeze to clean. Wave or say bye-bye to gas and electric cooktops for good. For a new wave of induction cooktops are breaking the market wide open for more efficient cooks (professional and amateur alike).

Chef Kurt uses a combination of Grapeseed and Coconut Oil that work well for frying food. He uses a power setting at 6.5 which held the temp better for his batches. Oil splatter is seen wiped away with a microfiber cloth and warm water.

For a full recipe, inquirers can email Chef Kurt directly at chefkurt@kurtskitchen.com

Following up

Tacos ain't your thing? Fear not. For, one can cook just about anything on the Gaggenau Full Surface Induction Cook Top. Stop by Divine Design Center at 2 Battery Wharf Boston, MA 02109 for a walk though of all of our Gaggenau and Cook-N-Dine appliances.