How to incorporate your modern style through accessories

November 22, 2016

Are you a full-fledged modern design enthusiast? Maybe you prefer a sprinkling of modern touches and accessories instead of an extreme modern approach to how you design your home. You could also live in a home where you feel that your architecture dictates what style furnishings and accessories you can choose. Today we are sharing some great examples of how to incorporate your modern style through accessories. All these examples are from various brands that we represent here at Divine Design Center...

incorporate your modern style through accessories

This bedroom has some old world features and architecture that blend in with some more modern furnishings and architecture. The desk itself could be an antique but when paired with a modern chair the combination makes a design statement. The rooms below show even more examples of the juxtaposition of old world style and modern style in particular.


Inkiostro writing desk by arketipo


The style of this room could go in any direction mainly on how it is furnished. Take out all the modern pieces and add in more traditional furnishings and accessories and it still works!


Enhance the style of a room that is already modern by adding in even more modern or contemporary accessories. The addition of more traditional accessories can tamper down your modern selections as well.




Come visit our showroom which will be opening soon to see more examples of how to incorporate your modern style through accessories.