Modern Holiday Table Decor

November 02, 2016

Traditional holiday decor is just that: traditional. But if you, like us, prefer a more contemporary aesthetic, there are still plenty of options for decking your halls (and your tabletop) in a way that suits your style. Here are a few of our favorite modern holiday table ideas for contemporary design lovers. (And check out our picks for modern dining room furniture meant to accommodate a holiday crowd, here).

Black, White & Bold

This gorgeous tabletop, from Flickr user Aina, uses a bold, high-contrast black-and-white scheme, along with on-trend prints to create a fresh foundation. Whimsical holiday touches like the deer and red berries are a subtle nod to the holiday season.

image-via-casandersen-on-flickr Photo via CasAnsersen on Flickr

Rustic & Refined

This dining area, originally shot for Canadian publication House & Home, has a modern farmhouse feel that makes a tight color scheme, neat rows of paper trees, and creative use of red ribbon draped from the chandeliers feel like the perfect holiday touches.


Cool & Collected

This hip midcentury space found on The Makerista is even more subtle, which makes the holiday decor look like it could almost be the everyday scheme. A tarnished silver bowl full of oranges is all that the table needs, while the buffet is a bit more holiday with its seasonal florals and artwork.

lark-photography-themakerista-lindsayletters-floral-blackandwhite-diningroom-683x1024 Photo by Lark photography via The Makerista

Natural & Neutral

Finally, this gorgeous tablescape created by blogger Homey, Oh My, could be used for any special occasions, but the touches of greenery and metallics make it feel just right for the holiday season, too.

homey-oh-my-neutral-fall-table Image via

Which is your favorite?