Italian Kitchen Design Ideas for A Contemporary Home

August 02, 2016

Italy is world-renowned for its design in a wide range of arenas, from architecture, to furniture, to shoes. Is it any surprise then, to find out that Italian kitchen design is just as cutting edge, beautiful, and luxurious? If you're looking for a unique, high-quality, and contemporary kitchen for your home, we recommend taking a close look at Italian kitchens by Arrital Cucine. The Italian kitchen designer, founded in 1979 in Fontanafredda, Italy, has become a global leader in sleek, high-end custom cabinetry and is an ideal option for a contemporary home.

To help you get inspired to create the kitchen of your dreams, we've gathered a few of our favorite Arrital Italian kitchen design options.

Arrital AK_06

The AK_06 Design is a minimalist approach to the kitchen, free of visible pulls and hardware. It can be customized in one of eight different finishes like a white super matte melamine, to a birch-tone wood veneer.

Italian kitchen design - arrital Image via Arrital

Arrital AK_01

The AK_01 is an informal streamlined design that can be built into the kitchen structure for a seamless, chic look. The cabinetry is offered in 7 wood tone finishes and 5 laminate versions.

Image via Arrital Image via Arrital

Arrital Yoshi

The Yoshi line is a futuristic design featuring a thermo structured material coating on the exterior cabinet faces for superior durability. Yoshi cabinets are offered in a range of shades and finishes, including four wood tones, and four solid colors.

Image via Arrital Image via Arrital


If options are what you're after the AK_03 line has them in spades. The cabinet can be ordered in glass or one of eight veneer shades, as well as with or without handles.

AK_03 Arrital cucne italian kitchen design Image via Arrital

Love the style of Italian kitchen design? Visit the Divine Design Center in Boston to view the entire Arrital collection, along with models from our other European kitchen designers.