kitchen appliances: range or cooktop

December 14, 2015

Are you having a hard time deciding between a range or cooktop when it comes to your kitchen appliances? Ranges are standard and easily fit into a cabinet opening. Cooktops take up counter space but leave the base cabinet free for storage. If you go this route then you need to make sure you have enough room in your kitchen to place your oven elsewhere. This decision is often based on the square footage of your kitchen, appliance preference, the number of workers in your kitchen and your style.

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Benefits of Ranges:
  1. All cooking functions are in one place
  2. A design focal point (especially with a unique hood)
  3. More space efficient for small kitchen layouts
Benefits of Cooktop-Wall Oven Combos:
  1. Easier for multiple cooks
  2. Oven cooking can be more functional: at eye and arm level
  3. Ability to create separate cooking and baking zones
  4. Flexibility in cooktop configurations and sizes

Using a cooktop over a range has an added benefit of creating a much for streamlined look since the countertop is one continuous line. This can be an important element to consider if your kitchen is part of an open floor plan.